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Imam's Corner
Prayer Times
  Start Times Iqama Times
Fajr 5:09 AM 5:45 AM
Dhuhr 1:05 AM 1:30 PM
Asr 4:48 PM
5:00 PM
7:46 PM Sunset + 5 min
Isha 9:01 PM 9:00 PM
Friday Prayer Time : 1:30 PM
Latest Announcement

14th Mar 2014   -    Announcements March 14th 2014

Isha Prayer Iqama changed to 8:45pm



1. ICNM Dawah is asking for Prayer Rugs for the Dawah Prison Program, can be used as long as in good shape. Can be left with Brother Abdur’Rauf or with Sister Jamilla.



2. Need Religious Volunteers for Dawah Prison Program, contact Abdur’Rauf C-M (505 440-8036 / arcmarquetti@gmail.com)



3. “The Storehouse” – Dawah Food Bank Program.



a. Need Volunteers for tomorrow to volunteer at the Storehouse



b. The Dawah Group will be going to The Storehouse (Saturday March 15th) from 10:00am to 12:pm, meeting and leaving from masjid at 9:30am.



c. Info contact Abdur’Rauf C-M Dawah Director. (505) 440-8036



-Qura'n class by Abdul-Razzaq Haki (Learn how to recite and memorize Qura'n with Tajweed). This class is for everyone all ages. It takes place every Friday and Saturday between Maghrib and Isha in the multipurpose rooms.



- Teens class every Sunday 12:30-1:30pm. The class is about how Muslims should face serious issues in a non-Muslim society especially at Middle and High schools. Imam Shafi holds it for boys. Sister Crystal who has a bachelor degree in Islamic Studies holds it for girls. The age group is 11-19 years old.



-Fiqh al-salah class by Imam Shafi every Sunday after Thuhur prayer.



Jizak Allahu Khayran





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