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11th Jul 2014   -    Message to Community



Communication to the Community by the ICNM Board



July 9, 2014









Ihab El-Kady has made serious accusations in the last two months that the ICNM Board is mishandling the community funds by writing fraudulent checks and using other illegal means for personal gain.






The Board has repeatedly denied the accusations, but they have grown more persistent.  These false accusations have created fitna and division in the community without evidence of any wrongdoing.  This communication to the community states the facts to show that these accusations are false.






The Accusations:



1:   Ihab El-Kady has said that Mohamed Ebeida saw Br. Sami Hijazi signing many checks after he (Br. Sami Hijazi) was no longer on the ICNM Board in 2014.



2:   Ihab El-Kady has said that these checks were written to Sister Rola Hijazi, in the amount of $3,000, for Sunday school expenses that were not authorized by the Board.





Board’s Evidence:



The Board is producing the following evidence to show the community that these accusations are false:



1:  The ICNM Board has examined all the checks written in 2014 and finds that a member from the previous board, Br. Sami Hijazi, co-signed only one check for a Zakat distribution during a transition period between the two boards.  This single check, shown below, is dated February 20, 2014, for $840.  It was written to a community member for his urgent need of financial assistance.



This is the only check co-signed by Sami Hijazi in 2014.  The ICNM treasurer is the primary signatory on that check, yet since it was written during the transition period between the two Boards, Br. Sami was still an official check signer with the bank at that time.








(NOTE:  All ICNM checks require two Board-member signatures according to ICNM By-laws.)







2.   Sister Rola Hijazi, Principal of the Sunday School, requested reimbursement for books and supplies she purchased for the school.  These items were purchased at the direction by the then Education Director, Br. Tofael Ahmed.  The Board approved these purchases during the March 9 Board Meeting and reimbursed her by ICNM Check No. 6008, for $3,467.33, shown below. 



Br. Sami Hijazi did not sign this check as Ihab El-Kady has said.  The check was prepared a day before the Board meeting and signed and distributed after approval by the board.








All supporting documents for 1 and 2 are with the Treasurer, including:



a.       Copy of Zakat check signed by Sami Hijazi



b.      List of books and supplies purchased by Rola Hijazi



c.       Copy of Board Meeting Minutes approving purchase of school supplies



d.      Reimbursement Request Form submitted by Rola Hijazi



e.       Copy of reimbursement check issued to Rola Hijazi






Any community member who wishes to examine these documents after Jum'ah prayers can contact Br. Mustafa Kamal, ICNM Treasurer.






The Board has started the external audit process.  A committee consisting of Mustafa Kamal, Treasurer, Ibrahim Falco, Secretary, and Shura Members Ahmad Assed and Abbas Akhil is soliciting bids from CPA firms.   The auditor will be selected by next week and the Board will publish the audit schedule as soon as there is a firm commitment by the auditor.






The Board will hold a General Assembly after Ramadan ends, Inshallah.






Dr. Abdel Rahman Emawy



President, ICNM






Statement By Shura





The Shura has reviewed the documents and records mentioned in this communication and concurs with the above.






Musa Qassem



Chair, ICNM Shura



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