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21st Jun 2014   -    Clearing Misconceptions & FAQ Using ICNM Bylaws

Clearing Misconceptions & Frequently asked Questions Using the ICNM Bylaws:


1.    What is Majilis Shura (a.k.a. “The Shura Council”)


Answer: They are an “advisory council” to provide “guidance, consultation, advice, and continuity” to the corporation. They have no authority over the day-to-day operations of the corporation or over the decisions of the ICNM Board. [see Article 6.A]


2.    Do they have “Power” over the ICNM board? Answer: No, they are simply an “advisory council” upon activation. [see Article 6.A]


3.    How are they activated, and who can activate them? Answer: Only the ICNM Board, or 50 petitioning members can activate the “Shura Council.” [see Article 6.A]


4.    Are they currently activated? Answer: No petition was submitted. Possibly the ICNM board activated them? ICNMabq.org is STILL waiting for confirmation.


5.    If they weren’t activated, are they in violation of the ICNM Bylaws? Answer: YES


6.    Who can call for a General Assembly meeting? Answer: 2/3 Majority vote of the ICNM board, or 1/3 of eligible voting members. [see Article 4.A.2]


7.    Do you have to be an ICNM MEMBER in order to sign a petition? Answer: YES!


8.    How is an ICNM Board member “removed” and who has the authority to do it? Answer: The ICNM Board with 2/3 Majority vote, or “simple majority” of ICNM Voting Members at a General Assembly meeting called for that purpose. (See Question #6 as to whom can call for a General Assembly) [see Article 5.F]


9.    How is an ICNM Member “removed” and who has the authority to do it? Answer: The ICNM board by means of 2/3 majority vote [see Article 3.B.3]


For more information please refer to the ICNM bylaws @ http://www.icnmabq.org/pages.php?pageid=24&sectionid=2



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