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26th May 2016   -    ICNM President Abbas Akhil's Letter - 26th May 2016

ICNM President Abbas Akhil's Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Assalamu Alaikum,

The month of Ramadan is only a few days away, and May Allah prepare you for the month of fasting and shower you and your families with all its blessings.  Ameen. 
In preparation for this holy month, ICNM is asking for paper plates, cups, spoons/forks and (small-size) water bottles for serving iftar and dinner.   ICNM uses (and discards) 200 disposable plates during the weekdays and over 400 plates on weekends throughout Ramadan. 

You can leave these supplies with Sister Jameela or Br. Shahid Ul Islam, Director of Facilities, in the masjid.  Your donations will help us meet this high demand during this month. Please bring only PAPER plates and cups.  Although Styrofoam or plastic products are less expensive, these WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED to protect the health and environment of our community.   (Please see the health warning of Styrofoam below.) 
We are also asking that you bring the smaller size water bottles, so that less water is wasted in half-used bottles when larger size bottles are used.

The health dangers from using Styrofoam products to serve and store food are well documented.  The World Health Organization lists these dangers of using Styrofoam (Styrene) products especially to the health of pregnant women and children:

"World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer lists long-term exposure to even small quantities of Styrofoam (Styrene) (through plates to serve food or cups used to serve tea) is suspected of causing: 
- low platelet counts or hemoglobin values; 
- chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities; 
- neurotoxic effects due to accumulation of styrene in the tissues of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, resulting in fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, and other acute or chronic health problems associated with the nervous system. 
Because many of these effects can be more pronounced on developing bodies, extra caution is advisable for women who are pregnant (or considering becoming so) and for prepubescent children."

The ICNM will not ignore these warnings and endanger the health of our community by serving food in plates and cups made from these materials.Thank you for supporting our community and helping each other lead a more healthy, productive life.


Abbas Akhil
Islamic Center of New Mexico

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